Gwen Harden Publishing

Gwen has edited, authored or co-authored numerous identification guides that have enabled the identification of plants within New South Wales (as in the 4-volume Flora of New South Wales) and in rainforest from Rockhampton (Queensland), south through New South Wales to southern Victoria.

In 2006 Gwen decided to publish the latest field guides herself (through Gwen Harden Publishing) so that the books and now the USB (listed below) could be readily distributed at a reasonable price.

Rainforest Plants of AustraliaRainforest Interactive USB

This interactive USB provides illustrated descriptive information and an interactive key (using the Lucid software) to species of rainforest trees, shrubs and climbing plants of subtropical eastern mainland Australia, from Rockhampton to Victoria.

Each of the 1139 species has a factsheet with description, line drawings and images. In all, over 12,000 images are included.

Authors: Gwen Harden, Hugh Nicholson, Bill McDonald, Nan Nicholson, Terry Tame and John Williams.


Rainforest Climbing PlantsRainforest Climbing Plants

A Field Guide to the rainforest climbers of Victoria, New South Wales and subtropical Queensland using vegetative characters. This is a major update of the “Green Book” first
published in 1980 which now covers mainland Eastern Australia from Victoria to Rockhampton Qld. Descriptions and illustrations provided for 265 species, somewhat more than double that
in the original edition.

Authors:Gwen Harden, Bill McDonald & John Williams.


Rainforest Trees and ShrubsRainforest Trees and Shrubs

An enlarged and revised Field Guide to their identification. A Field Guide to rainforests from Rockhampton Qld and down through the States of NSW and Victoria.

`Rainforest Trees and Shrubs’ includes descriptions of 850 species (an increase of 309 from the
earlier ‘Red Book’), each with leaf and fruit drawings.

Authors: Gwen Harden, Bill McDonald & John Williams.