Rainforest Plants of Australia – System Requirements

System Requirements for Lucid 3.5

Operating System: Windows XP/2000/Vista/7/8, Mac OSX >10.7.2, Linux and Solaris
System Memory: 256MB RAM or higher is recommended

Browser requirements:

It is recommended that you run the key using a modern web browser that supports JavaScript and Java Applets. The following browsers have been tested:

  • Explorer 7 and later
  • Chrome 30 and later
  • Firefox 16 and later
  • Safari 6 and later
  • Opera 15 and later

Java information

The Lucid3 interactive key will run embedded within a web browser as a Java applet. Java Runtime Environment (JRE) – Java SE 7 Update 40 (Java SE 7 Update 60 or later recommended), must be installed on your computer for the Lucid3 Java Applet Player to run successfully. Visit the Java web site to check what Java you are running and if required download and install (make sure to uninstall old versions) the latest Java Runtime Environment version.

Due to the interactive nature of the content, some browsers and pop-up blockers may prevent the fact sheets from loading. If you experience this, please set your browser or pop-up blocker to allow this content.

Note for Windows browsers:

IE (Internet Explorer) users may need to change their settings to avoid security warning when running content from a local source, such as a CDROM or USB. To do this open IE, go to Tools – Internet Options – Advanced, scroll down to the Security section and tick the checkbox Allow active content to run in files on My Computer.

Note for Mac Browsers:

Firefox 32.0.3 (recommended for OSX >10.7.2 users):

Firefox should run the Lucid Player applet without any additional configuration. If you do not have Firefox on your computer download it from the USB.

To allow Fact Sheet content to be displayed you may need to allow popup windows to be opened, from the Firefox menu select Preferences -> Content -> then uncheck “Block Popup Windows”.

Chrome and Opera browsers:

At the time of publication Java 7 is ONLY 64-bit on the Mac OS X platform. Therefore, it is currently not supported in Chrome for Macintosh (Chrome is 32-bit only) or Opera 16+ for Macintosh (since it is built on Chrome’s architecture). Oracle has also disabled the functionality of older versions of Java and as such only the latest version of Java has been tested and listed here.

You will be prompted to allow the Lucid Player applet to run. This popup may be hidden behind other windows on your desktop. If your browser window greys out, check behind it for the window allowing the applet to run.

Mac OS X 10.9.4, Java 1.7.0 update 67 build 1.7.0_67-b01 (64-bit):

Safari 7.0.6:

If you received a General Exception error when starting the Lucid Player then Safari needs to be allowed to run the applet in “Unsafe” mode. Select OK on the error dialog then from the Safari menu select Preferences -> Security -> Manage Website Settings… -> Java -> Local documents, then choose “Run in Unsafe Mode” from the drop-down menu.

To allow Fact Sheet content to be displayed you may need to allow popup windows to be opened, from the Safari menu select Preferences -> Security -> then uncheck “Block pop-up windows”.