Why Buy Rainforest Climbing Plants?

Why you’d want to own Rainforest Climbing Plants

Another rainforest guide book you need in your backpack and library

Rainforest Climbing PlantsRainforest Climbing Plants (the green book) is an essential companion to “Rainforest Trees and Shrubs” (the red book” by same authors) for amateur and professional biologists as well as field naturalists. This book extends the coverage and information that was included in the earlier ‘Green Book’ so that it now includes rainforest climbers from Rockhampton to Victoria.

Rainforest Climbing Plants will be widely used by professional and amateur botanists and ecologists, entomologists, environmental consultants and planners, architects, horticulturalists and landscape designers, students, school teachers and university lecturers as well as rainforest enthusiasts and gardeners.

It will enable many to identify and recognize climbing plants that grow in their local rainforests. The introduction outlines the basic leaf characters that are used in the identification of the species and diagrammatically illustrates and compares the various rainforest types that occur in the area.

Enthusiastic comments from recent purchasers

“It is a worthy companion to the Rainforest Trees and Shrubs book; and like it, will certainly be the authority for many years to come.”

“Congratulations on the new “Green Book”, you and your co-authors are legends!”

“The new book arrived today – and what a beautiful thing it is! Congratulations, you guys are on fire! A fabulous edition to the rainforest keys; and a rich source of information about these least studied of vascular plants.”

“I received the Rainforest Climbing Plants Book yesterday. It looks great – you really have the knack for elucidating all the critical bits with maximum efficiency in both text and illustrations. The cover photo is stunning.”

“Impressive. A valuable addition to our library.”

“Many thanks for the new “Green Book” – in no time, I am sure that the pages will be dog-eared, as was the case with the original climbers book.

“Students of both botany and entomology will find this book invaluable.”